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Professor John Van Reenen

Professor John Van Reenen


Expertise: innovation, productivity, industrial organisation, labour economics, public policy, competition policy

0207 955 6856


Head of the LSE Programme on Innovation and Diffusion.

John is the Ronald Coase Chair in Economics and School Professor, Department of Economics at the London School of Economics.

He was also the director of Centre for Economic Performance (2003-16), at LSE. Editorial Board of the American Economic Review; Quarterly Journal of Economics and MicroEconomic Insights.

Other Recent Positions:

John has extensive experience working as an economist for various private and public sector organisations including:-

  1. Gordon Y. Billard Professor of Management and Economics Joint appointment in MIT Department of Economics and Applied Economics Group, Sloan School of Management (2016-2020)
  2. BP Visiting Professor, London School of Economics (2019).
  3. Director of the Centre for Economic Performance (2003-16).
  4. Professor, Department of Economics, University College London (1994-2003).
  5. Commissioner, City Growth Commission Inquiry (chaired by Jim O'Neill) 2014-15,
  6. Commissioner, Inclusive Prosperity Commission (chaired by Ed Balls and Larry Summers) 2013-15

Professor John Van Reenen's current areas of research are:

  • Director of the LSE's new Programme on Innovation and Diffusion (POID). POID is rooted in the argument that productivity growth rests ultimately upon two elements: innovation - ideas that are new to the world - and the diffusion of these ideas across the economy.