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Research into the economic consequences of leaving the EU. The impact of Brexit on trade, businesses, working life and living standards.

The UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) in June 2016 and stopped being a member of the EU on 31 January 2020. CEP research explains how the decision to leave the EU affected trade, investment and living standards in the UK even before Brexit was enacted.

The EU allows goods and people to move freely between member countries. Since the UK is no longer a member of the EU, trade between the UK and EU is governed by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which has introduced new regulatory barriers.

CEP research will continue to look at the effect of Brexit on businesses and individuals in the UK and EU. This includes evaluating the economic effects of changes in immigration.

NOTE: The Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) is a politically independent Research Centre at the London School of Economics established by the Economic and Social Research Council. The CEP puts forward no institutional views, but only those of its individual researchers. CEP's research on Brexit forms part of its Trade Programme work.

Brexit Publications

Arun Advani, David Bailey, Ben Brindle, Simon Burgess, Patrick Dunleavy, Sarah Hall, Stephen Hansaker, Christian A. L. Hilber, Donald Houston, Ethan Ilzetzki, Sandra McNally, Henry G. Overman, Jonathan Portes, Huw Roberts, Thomas Sampson, Andy Summers, Madeleine Sumption, Phil Tomlinson, Tony Wilson and Ben Zaranko

31 January 2024

Rebecca Freeman, Kalina Manova, Thomas Prayer and Thomas Sampson

23 June 2022

Holger Breinlich, Swati Dhingra, Thomas Sampson and John Van Reenen

2 June 2016

Swati Dhingra, Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano, Thomas Sampson and John Van Reenen

27 May 2016

Ghazala Azmat, Brian Bell, Jonathan Colmer, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Swati Dhingra, Christian A. L. Hilber, Stephen Machin, Alan Manning, Ralf Martin, Alistair McGuire, Sandra McNally, Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano, Henry G. Overman, Isabelle Roland, Thomas Sampson, Anna Valero, John Van Reenen, Jonathan Wadsworth, Gill Wyness and Gabriel Zucman

30 April 2015

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