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Technological change

How the fourth industrial revolution will change the way we work.

The introduction of new technology to improve productivity has been a feature of working life for centuries, and it has created both winners and losers. With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution - will the nature of work change again?

CEP research on the use of industrial robots in 17 countries shows that using robots can increase productivity. This research also sheds light on how many and which jobs could be replaced, finding that robots reduced the hours worked by low- and medium-skilled workers.

The CEP is now looking into the economic effects of AI, robots and new technology. How does the adoption of new technology affect the performance of firms? What does this mean for wages? How do technological change and globalisation interact to affect employment? And what does this mean for immigration?

Technological change Publications

Arun Advani, David Bailey, Ben Brindle, Simon Burgess, Patrick Dunleavy, Sarah Hall, Stephen Hansaker, Christian A. L. Hilber, Donald Houston, Ethan Ilzetzki, Sandra McNally, Henry G. Overman, Jonathan Portes, Huw Roberts, Thomas Sampson, Andy Summers, Madeleine Sumption, Phil Tomlinson, Tony Wilson and Ben Zaranko

31 January 2024

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