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Dr Esteban Aucejo.

Dr Esteban Aucejo


Expertise: labour economics, economics of education



Esteban Aucejo is an Assistant Professor in Economics at Arizona State University His research interests include applied microeconomics, labour economics, and economics of education

Current areas of research include:

  • My field of specialization is applied microeconomics with focus on the economics of education and labor economics. More specifically, my research applies economic theory and econometric tools to provide a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and incentives behind the formation of human capital. My methods combine reduced form with structural estimation techniques with the aim of tackling questions from different perspectives. My research agenda spans several areas of the economics of education. One strand has focused on issues in higher education. In particular, I have examined the role of affirmative action policies in college studentsí outcomes, the differential impact of math and verbal skills in educational attainment, the sources of the gender gap in college enrollment across races, and the determinants of college drop-out and stop-out decisions. A second strand of my work has analyzed determinants of studentsí performance in elementary school. More specifically, I have explored the role of teacher-students complementarities in test score performance, teacher responses to incentives, and the differential effects of school days and absences in school achievement.