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Tom Kirchmaier.

Tom Kirchmaier

Director of the Policing and Crime research group

Expertise: economics of policing and crime. law and economics / governance. interested in using large organisational datasets ('big data').

020 7955 6854
SAL 2.11 A


Professor Tom Kirchmaier is Director of the Policing and Crime research group focusing on understanding the full spectrum of questions relating to policing and crime, with a special focus currently on Police Organizational Efficiency, Demand Prediction, Anti-money Laundering and Organised Crime, Domestic Abuse, as well as Serious Violence (Knife Crime, Gangs, and Drug Markets). He works with very large datasets from the police and other sources. Prior to the CEP, Tom was with the Financial Markets Group, and the Manchester Business School. Tom holds a PhD in Management from the LSE (CEP).

Current areas of research include:

  • Economics of Crime and Policing: Prediction Models; Policing Operations; Domestic Abuse; Organised Crime & Anti-money Laundering; Serious Violence, Drug Markets, Crime Networks.
  • Law and Economics: Compliance (AML); Bank Stability and Shareholder Insulation; Say on Pay.