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Andrew Clark.

Andrew Clark

Visiting Professor

Expertise: subjective well-being, health, labour economics

+33 (0)180521854


Andrew Clark holds a PhD from the LSE. He is CNRS Research Professor at the Paris School of Economics, and previously held posts at Dartmouth, Essex, CEPREMAP, DELTA, the OECD and the University of Orléans. His research has covered relative utility or comparisons (to others like you, to your partner etc.), and the use of long-run panel data to model adaptation to life events (such as unemployment, marriage, and divorce). Recent work has used birth-cohort data to analyse the influence of family background and childhood events on adult outcomes (including adult subjective well-being), and considered the causes and consequences of economic insecurity. He is an ISI Highly-Cited Researcher.

Current areas of research include:

  • The causes and consequences of economic insecurity.
  • Subjective well-being: What makes us happy, and what do happy people do?
  • Wages, job amenities, and job quality.