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Claudia Steinwender.

Claudia Steinwender


Expertise: international trade, innovation and productivity, economic history, organizational economics


Claudia Steinwender is a Professor of Economics at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She is affiliated with the CEPR and CESifo, an associate Editor at the Journal of International Economics, and an Editorial Board Member at Explorations in Economic History.

Current areas of research include:

  • International trade: intellectual property right protection, trade frictions, information frictions, trade in knowledge, effect of globalization on firm innovation, infrastructure, ports
  • Economic history: focus on the first wave of globalization; telecommunications infrastructure, China, trade frictions, industrial policy
  • innovation and productivity: effect of globalization on innovation, infrastructure innovations and their effect on globalization, R&D policy, industrial policy
  • organizational economics: multinationals, management, family managers, intra-firm trade, management frictions at a distance