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David Frayman.

David Frayman

Research Economist

Expertise: wellbeing, policy analysis, economics of innovation

SAL 2.02 B


David Frayman is a post-doctoral Research Economist at the London School of Economics Centre for Economic Performance working on policy evaluation and wellbeing. He is developing strategies to measure both the monetary and non-monetary effects of policies to inform better cost-benefit analysis. At present, he is especially interested in the two-way causation between educational and labour market outcomes and personal wellbeing, and whether policy interventions can effectively target these channels. His previous research during his PhD at University College London related to the effects of policies providing financial support for corporate investment and innovation, an area he retains a research interest in.

Current areas of research include:

  • Wellbeing: quantifying policy effects on life satisfaction; individual-level determinants of wellbeing.
  • Labour economics: work and wellbeing; non-monetary effects of active labour market policies; job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Economics of education: factors influencing non-cognitive educational outcomes; cost effectiveness of educational interventions.