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Dr. Maria Cotofan

Dr. Maria Cotofan

Research Economist

Expertise: wellbeing, applied microeconomics, behavioral economics, labor economics, education economics


I joined the CEP as a Research Economist in April 2020, working in the Wellbeing group. I am an applied microeconomist with an interest in wellbeing, behavioral economics, and labor economics. In my most recent project, I am studying why individual wellbeing differs across occupations, and how this relates to different work attributes and, more generally, to the real level of income inequality. My other research tries to explain global differences in preferences and attitudes by looking at the role that early life experiences play in their formation. I am also interested in the effects of non-pecuniary incentives on effort and performance, and in how they relate to worker preferences and social norms in the workplace.

Dr. Maria Cotofan's current areas of research are:

  • Individual wellbeing and how it relates to work and income inequality
  • Early life experiences and the formation of preferences and attitudes
  • Non-monetary incentives and performance