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Rebecca Freeman.

Rebecca Freeman


Expertise: empirical international trade, supply chains, and heterogeneous firms

020 3461 4444


Dr Rebecca Freeman joined the CEP as an Associate in September 2018. She is an economist in the Bank of England International Directorate. Previously, Rebecca has held research positions at the OECD, World Bank, ILO and UN-ECLAC. She received a PhD in Economics from the Graduate Institute, Geneva in 2019, a MA in International Economics and International Relations from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) in 2014, and a BA in Economics from Smith College in 2009.

Current areas of research include:

  • Empirical international trade: economic integration; gravity models; duration and lifecycle analysis.
  • Global supply chains: trade openness and volatility; indicators; cumulative tariffs.
  • Heterogeneous firms: analysis of firm-level data on exports, imports, production and research and development.