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Dr Stephan Heblich

Dr Stephan Heblich


Expertise: urban economics, economic history, environmental economics, political economy, innovation and entrepreneurship


My research interests include Urban Economics, Political Economy, Environmental Economics and Economic History. In my research, I look at spatial disparities in the distribution of consumptive or productive amenities that attract individuals or firms. In turn, this helps me explain spatial variation in house prices, the share of high-skilled workers, innovative activities and entrepreneurship, or economic development. Another stream of research focuses on causes and consequences of regional disparities in voting behavior. To establish causality I often study historic developments that explain present-day economic outcomes. This explains my interest in economic history.

Dr Stephan Heblich's current areas of research are:

  • Historical pollution on neighbourhood segregation today; Long-run effects of transport infrastructure investments; Trade exposure and political radicalization; House price effects of environmental disamenities; Measuring civic leadership.