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LSE REEF index

The LSE-Real Estate Economics and Finance (REEF) index is a micro-geographic mix-adjusted property price index. Its unique feature is that it reveals house price trends in about 35,000 lower-layer super output areas in England and Wales from 2010 to 2020.

The index utilises matched Land Registry price paid and Energy Performance Certificate data, combined with a mix of parametric and non-parametric estimation techniques, to track the market price per square metre of floor space of a constant-quality housing unit over time. Ahlfeldt, Carozzi, and, Makovsky (2023) provide a detailed description of the underlying data and a descriptive summary of changes in property prices over the 2010 to 2020 period in England and Wales. Additionally, a comprehensive explanation of the methodology is provided by Ahlfeldt, Heblich, Seidel (2023). The LSE-REEF Index is the result of a purely academic research project, with no involvement from private-sector parties.

Curious about how your property value has evolved in the past decade? Explore your neighbourhood on our interactive dashboard below and discover the trends that have shaped your local property market.

Alternatively, you can access our interactive website at this link.