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How to submit your Discussion Paper

(For CEP Members only)

BEFORE Submitting your Paper

  1. You should have already presented the paper at a conference, seminar or workshop, not necessarily at CEP.

  2. Please write and format your paper in the style of an academic journal article.
    [See Style Guide and Example discussion paper]

  3. Create a PDF version of your paper.

  4. Complete the online submission form.
    Please, note that as part of the submission form you will be asked to enter into a Contribution Agreement with us, whereby you will grant to us the non-exclusive right to use and publish your Discussion Paper. It is very important that you read the terms and conditions of the Contribution Agreement carefully. As part of the Contribution Agreement, you will be also asked to confirm that any data used in the paper is legally licensed. If you need advice on the license conditions of the particular datasets used in your DP, please ask the Centre Manager, Harriet Ogborn. Please, send any accompanying data for the paper in a single zipped file.

  5. If you have any questions, contact Linda Cleavely (

  6. We reserve the right not to publish submitted papers.

What next

Your paper will be forwarded to your programme director who will approve it or give feedback.

Our in-house journalist, Helen Ward, may contact you for possible blogs, media coverage, or a possible article in CentrePiece.

Your paper will be sent automatically to RePEc (Research Papers in Economics).

You should send the paper to LSE Research Online.