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CEP Covid-19 analysis

Jobs for a strong and sustainable recovery from Covid-19

The UK’s future economic, social and environmental prosperity will be shaped by how it deals with, and recovers from, the impact of Covid-19. This paper sets out coordinated net-zero-aligned investments which the UK can place at the heart of its recovery plan including: energy efficiency in buildings; natural capital projects; active travel equipment and infrastructure; renewable power generation and distribution; electric vehicle production and charging infrastructure; and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen production. We summarise evidence from a range of sources including ex-post evaluations and more forward-looking forecast-based studies; looking at short-run and long-run job creation and broader benefits. We also present new analysis on where these economic opportunities might lie. Together, these analyses can inform UK decisions on where to focus investment in the recovery from Covid-19.

Pia Andres, Giorgia Cecchinato, Penny Mealy, Charlotte Taylor, Sam Unsworth and Anna Valero

19 October 2020     Paper Number CEPCOVID-19-010

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This CEP Covid-19 analysis is published under the centre's Growth programme.