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Report on wellbeing and public policy

An independent commission chaired by Gus O'Donnell proposes a radical reform of public policy-making, targeted at wellbeing, or life satisfaction, not simply economic growth.Its report, Wellbeing and Policy, commissioned by the Legatum Institute, concludes that GDP is too narrow a measure of prosperity. Instead, policy should aim at increasing people's satisfaction with their lives, using measures of wellbeing as an indicator of success. The report explains how to define and measure wellbeing, and demonstrates how it can be used to measure the success of different policies and different countries. Richard Layard was a member of the Commission, along with Angus Deaton, Martine Durand and David Halpern.

28 March 2014

This report is published by the Commission on Wellbeing and Policy // The Legatum Institute

Report on wellbeing and public policy

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This External publication is part of the centre's Community Wellbeing programme.

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