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Mirabelle Muûls.

Mirabelle Muûls


Expertise: climate change economics, energy demand, carbon markets



Dr Mirabelle Muuls is an Assistant Professor in Economics at the Imperial College Business School and the programme director of the MSc Climate Change, Management and Finance. She is a co-project leader in the IDLES research programme. In 2018, she received the Imperial College President's medal for Excellence in Education. In 2015, she was awarded together with her colleagues the Erik Kempe Award in Environmental and Resource Economics. She holds a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics.

Current areas of research include:

  • Economics of climate change: climate policies' evaluation, EU ETS and carbon markets, firm-level response and management practices.
  • Energy demand: COVID-19 impact on energy consumption, teleworking, smart-meters and incentives, flexibility of energy demand.
  • Energy efficiency, investment and innovation: corporate drivers and barriers to the net-zero carbon transition.