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Stephan Maurer.

Stephan Maurer


Expertise: labour economics, economic history, political economy, economic geography, international trade


Dr Stephan Maurer is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics at the University of Edinburgh. He joined the CEP in 2013 and is member of the Growth and Labour Markets programmes.

Current areas of research include:

  • How does natural resource wealth affect intergenerational mobility and the transmission of human capital across generations? (with D. Battiston, A. Potlogea, J.-V. Rodriguez Mora)
  • The Political Economy of the Southern Planter class and its persistence in power after the American Civil War (with L. Bellani, A. Hager)
  • Do female professors affect the study choices and outcomes of female students? (with G. Schwerdt, S. Wiederhold)
  • The Dynamics of the Great Gatsby Curve (with D. Battiston, A. Potlogea, J.-V. Rodriguez Mora)
  • The health consequences of modern production technologies (with M. Arntz, S. Findeisen, O. Schlenker)