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Dr Max Nathan

Dr Max Nathan


Expertise: spatial economics, innovation systems, economics of immigration and diversity, economic development

020 7852 3591


Max is Associate Professor in Applied Urban Sciences at UCL, and a Deputy Director of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth. He completed his PHD in economic geography and spatial economics in LSE's Geography Department in 2011. He has over 15 years' experience working in UK think tanks, consultancy and public policy. Most recently he worked at the Department of Communities and Local Government as an ESRC-DCLG Senior Policy Adviser, covering a range of economic development and governance issues. In 2004 Max helped set up the Centre for Cities think tank, where he ran the research programme, and is now a member of the Centre’s Research Advisory Board. Max is also a Research Fellow at IZA.

Dr Max Nathan's current areas of research are:

  • Max's research interests are the economics of immigration and diversity; innovation systems, especially tech and creative clusters; and evaluating public policy for cities.
  • Max is currently leading a series of systematic reviews of local economic development policies. He is also using 'big data' to look at the characteristics and growth drivers of ICT firms in the UK.