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Dr Antoine Dechezleprêtre.

Dr Antoine Dechezleprêtre


Expertise: environmental policies and innovation, directed technical change, intellectual property, knowledge spillovers, international technology diffusion, patent data

+44 (0)207 107 5145
10.01E Tower 3


Antoine is a Senior Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics and a Research Economist at CEP. Besides his academic work Antoine has worked as an external consultant for ICTSD, the OECD Environment Directorate, the UK Climate Change Committee, France's International Development Agency (AFD) and the French Environment Protection Agency (ADEME). He holds a PhD in economics from Ecole des Mines de Paris (France).

Current areas of research include:

  • The impact of R&D tax credits on innovation activity (with Elias Einiö, Ralf Martin, Trang Nguyen and John Van Reenen) Environmental regulatory first-movers and technological leadership (with Matthieu Glachant) Clean vs dirty innovation and stock returns (with Cal Muckley) Compliance and enforcement in the EU ETS (with Raphael Calel and Frank Venmans) Assessing the additionality of the Clean Development Mechanism: Quasi-experimental evidence from India (with Caterina Gennaioli, Matthieu Glachant and Anna Schröeder) The impact of knowledge spillovers from clean and dirty technologies on firms' productivity (with Ralf Martin and Myra Mohnen) Asymmetric industrial energy prices and international trade (with Misato Sato) Is there a trade-off between dirty imports and clean innovation? (with Damien Dussaux, David Hémous and Mirabelle Muûls) An empirical investigation of the market for patents in France (with Yann Ménière anf Justus Baron) The use of patent counts for cross-country comparisons (with Yann Ménière)