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Professor Brian Bell

Professor Brian Bell


Expertise: labour economics

020 7955 6957


Brian Bell joined the CEP in September 2009 as a Research Fellow. Prior to this he was a Proprietary Trader at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International and has also been a Partner at a Global Macro Hedge Fund. In addition he has worked as an economist at the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England. He began his career as a Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford.

Professor Brian Bell's current areas of research are:

  • Incentive Pay: To what extent have increases in wage inequality at the very top of the distribution been a result of rising levels of incentive pay? Is it primarily a result of bankers' bonuses?
  • Crime and Immigration: Have the large flows of immigrants over the last decade in the UK led to rising crime rates? Do crime rates responded differently depending on the characteristics and labour market opportunities of the various waves of immigrants that have arrived? Do property crime rates respond differently to violent crime rates?