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Chris Pissarides.

Chris Pissarides


Expertise: macroeconomics of labour markets, structural change, economic growth, technology and jobs


Sir Christopher Pissarides is the 2010 Nobel Prize laureate in economics, the Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and the Professor of European Studies at the University of Cyprus. He is a macroeconomist who specialises in the economics of labour markets, economic growth and structural change, especially as they relate to obstacles to free-market clearing. He has published extensively in academic journals and his book Equilibrium Unemployment Theory is a standard reference in the academic literature on unemployment, which has influenced extensively labour market policies. He has received several prizes, awards and prestigious Academy fellowships for his work, including the Grand Cross of the Republic of Cyprus and a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. In the last decade he has mainly worked on the employment implications of automation and artificial intelligence and on the emergence of China as a global economic power. He has recently been involved in the preparation of a Report on the development of the Greek economy, which bears his name, and through his position as Co-Chair of the Institute for the Future of Work in London he is actively involved in securing the conditions for the creation of good work in the age of automation.