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Agnes Norris Keiller

Research Assistant - POID

Expertise: labour economics, policy analysis, industrial organisation

SAL 2.27 A


Agnes Norris Keiller is a research assistant for the Programme on Innovation and Diffusion at the London School of Economics. Before joining POID she worked for several years at the Institute for Fiscal Studies conducting empirical research on a range of topics related to employment and welfare policy. She is interested in interactions between firm and worker decisions and in the transition to a decarbonised 'green' economy.

Current areas of research include:

  • Industrial organisation: Trends in management practices; Relationships between management practices and firm outcomes; Differences in management and productivity across sectors and geography; Determinants of management styles
  • Economics of Innovation: Trends in innovation; Differential impacts of innovation across worker types; Firm networks and innovation spillovers; Intangible capital
  • Labour market mobility: Task-specific human capital and labour market frictions; Trends in occupational progression and demographic change; Labour market concentration and worker mobility; Skills and re-training policy