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Caterina Soto Vieira.

Caterina Soto Vieira

PhD Student

Expertise: development, urban, economics of crime

SAL 2.28 L


Caterina is a first year PhD student in Economics, and her research interests are development, urban and economics of crime. Her research focuses on gender differences in property ownership and how this is related to labour market participation of women. She also researches how female-led firms behave differently than male-led firms when affected by exogenous demand shocks. Lastly, part of her research is dedicated to understanding the effects of technology on policing and on the interactions between citizens and the police, with two large-scale experiments in Brazil.

Current areas of research include:

  • Development: property rights, gender differences in home ownership
  • Economics of crime: policing, body-worn cameras, citizen-police interaction
  • Urban: Marriage and decisions about work and living location choices