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Noam Yuchtman.

Noam Yuchtman


Expertise: political economy, economic history, labour economics


Professor Noam Yuchtman joined the Department of Management, LSE in 2019, having been awarded a British Academy Global Professorship. In addition to this position, Noam is senior associate of POID, a co-editor of Economica and serves on the editorial boards of the Review of Economic Studies, the Economic Journal, and the Journal of Economic History.

Current areas of research include:

  • The importance of educational content and the structure of educational institutions in the production of human capital
  • The political economy of legal institutions: particularly how they affect labour market outcomes and development, and how they are affected by political institutions in which they are embedded
  • The study of social interactions that shape economic and political behaviour
  • The drivers of political ideology and participation in political movements
  • The role of the state in promoting economic growth and innovation