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Shania Bhalotia.

Shania Bhalotia

PhD Student

Expertise: international trade, macroeconomics, growth

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Shania is a PhD student in the Department of Economics, LSE. She holds an MSc in Economics from LSE and a BA in Economics from University of Delhi (St. Stephen’s College). Her research interests lie at the intersection of international trade and macroeconomics. Her work focuses on understanding how trade facilitates technology improvement in firms and transfer of ideas across countries, and the consequent impact on growth. She also has projects on trade in services and cross-border investments.

Current areas of research include:

  • Trade and technology: The effect of trade liberalisation on technology adoption, innovation and growth
  • FDI and productivity: The effect of FDI on firm dynamics and productivity across regions
  • Trade in services and the TCA: The effect of the new trade agreement of the UK and EU on services trade and investment.