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Rocco Macchiavello.

Rocco Macchiavello


Expertise: private sector development, sourcing systems, sustainable supply chains, organized crime

020 7852 3536
CKK 5.28


Professor Rocco Macchiavello is Professor in Managerial Economics and Strategy at the London School of Economics. Previously, he has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Nuffield College (Oxford University), Harvard Kennedy School, and a Professor at Warwick University. He is co-editor of the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization and has acted as Lead Academic for IGC - Myanmar Country Program. He is a Research Fellow with BREAD, CEPR and J-PAL. He has conducted research in several countries (Bangladesh, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Pakistan and Rwanda) collaborating with numerous government agencies, international organizations, social enterprises and large companies.

Current areas of research include:

  • Sourcing Strategies: Sourcing Systems, Supply Chain Resilience, Sustainable Supply Chains, Voluntary Sustainable Standards, Due Diligence, Monitoring and Evaluation, DEI in Supply Chains.
  • Agricultural Markets: Market Structure, Contractual Structure, Financing, Domestic and International Regulations
  • Industrial Relations: Industrial Relations and Productivity, Unions in the Global South, Union Leaders, Cooperatives, Social Movements.
  • Organized Crime: Organized Crime Groups structure, Investments in the Legal Economy, Money Laundering
  • Prisons: Management of Prisons