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Matteo Sandi.

Matteo Sandi

Visiting Fellow

Expertise: labour economics, economics of crime and economics of education


Dr Matteo Sandi is a Research Economist at the Centre for Economic Performance (LSE). Matteo completed his ESRC-funded PhD in Economics at the University of Sussex in June 2016. During his PhD, he worked with the World Bank Group studying the impact of migration policies on labour markets and school enrolment in developing countries. Matteo was awarded a UK Data Service Data Impact Fellowship in 2017, and he has been a member of the Experts Panel of the Youth Endowment Fund since 2019.

Current areas of research include:

  • The determinants of crime and the crime-reducing effects of schooling, policing and public institutions.
  • The effectiveness for crime prevention of a variety of interventions, such as early childhood interventions, legislation changes and policing operations.
  • The use of discipline sanctions in school and their implications for studentsí performance and criminal activity.