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Daniel Chandler.

Daniel Chandler


SAL 2.01 B


Daniel is Research Director of the Programme on Cohesive Capitalism, a major multi-disciplinary initiative to develop a new economic paradigm that serves the common interest, and an Associate at the Centre for Economic Performance. He is author of the book FREE AND EQUAL (Penguin, 2023), which makes the case for a new progressive liberalism grounded in the ideas of the philosopher John Rawls, and has been described as 'a must-read' (Thomas Piketty) and 'beautifully written and compelling' (Angus Deaton). He has degrees in economics, philosophy and history from Cambridge and the LSE, and was awarded a Henry Fellowship at Harvard where he studied under Amartya Sen. Prior to joining LSE, he worked as a policy advisor in the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit and Deputy Prime Minister's Office, and as a researcher at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Resolution Foundation.

Current areas of research include:

  • Economic justice and welfare economics, especially the work John Rawls
  • Inequality, particularly the impact of technology on the distribution of earnings and the organisation of work
  • Good jobs, productivism and workplace democracy