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Andrés Barrios Fernández.

Andrés Barrios Fernández


Expertise: labor economics, public economics, economics of education


Dr Andrés Barrios Fernández is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Economics, Universidad de Los Andes. Senior Researcher at VATT and an Associate in the Centre for Economic Performance. I received my PhD from the Department of Economics, London School of Economics in 2019, and recently completed a postdoc at the Department of Economics, IT. He primarily works on the economics of education and is interested in understanding how family and social networks impact human capital investment decisions, as well as the role that they play in shaping inequality and intergenerational mobility.

Current areas of research include:

  • Economics of education: influence of social networks on human capital investment decisions
  • Economics of education and social mobility: intergenerational transmission of human and social capital
  • Economics of education: inequality and biases in college applications around the world