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Hosted by CEPR and the German Development Institute

How skilled immigrants affect local productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship

Giovanni Peri (UC Davis)

Wednesday 09 February 2022 16:00 - 17:00


About this event

Part of an online seminar series aiming to encourage the exchange and discussion of empirical research on trade and investment and its effect on developing and emerging countries.

The seminar differs from a traditional academic seminar, which focuses on methodology and academic exchange, and instead aims to promote the translation of academic findings into policy. As such, the seminar series provides the opportunity for mutual learning: researchers learning about urgent policy questions and policy makers learning about what is methodologically feasible.

Within the seminar series, we aim for academic researchers that can share innovative empirical work and policy insights. Instead of focusing on particular papers, the seminar series invites presenters to present on a particular topic and present their accumulated and broader research findings and agenda.

The target audience of the seminar includes both academics and policymakers dealing with trade and investment, and particularly policy makers from emerging and developing countries and in multilateral organisations.

The seminar series is held on Zoom and consists of a 40 minutes presentation and 20 minutes Q&A, although we encourage interactive discussions throughout the seminar.

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For the full line-up of presenters along with slides and recordings, please visit the CEPR website, here.


Beata Javorcik, EBRD, Oxford and CEPR
Catherine Thomas, CEP, CEPR and CESifo
Dany Bahar, Brookings, CESifo and IZA
Kasper Vrolijk, German Development Institute