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Economy 2030:
The Economy 2030 Inquiry: two years in

19 May 2023

The Economy 2030 Inquiry examines the scale and impact of economic change that the UK is living through in the 2020s, and will set out a plan for successfully navigating this change. 

For the past two years, researchers from the Resolution Foundation and CEP have published reports and discussed the impact of Covid-19, Brexit and the net zero transition on the UK economy. Catch up with what’s been going on since 1 December 2022 below.

The inquiry is a collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics, funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

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Spotlight: Open for business (28 Feb 2023)

Economic Growth

Event: Saving capitalism, rescuing democracy (7 Feb 2023)
Event: Shaping the next revolution (24 May 2023) (upcoming)

Macroeconomic Policy

Event: A cost-of-living crisis (8 Mar 2023)

Navigating economic change

Essay: German reunification (16 Dec 2022)
Essay: The heat transition (8 Feb 2023)
Essay: Institutional reform for inclusive growth (13 Apr 2023)
Essay: Lessons from successful 'turnaround' cities for the UK (15 May 2023)

Net zero

Event: Getting warmth up and bills down (12 Dec 2022)
Briefing Note: Hitting a brick wall (12 Dec 2022)


Briefing Note: Train in vain? (5 Dec 2022)
Event: Good work (19 Apr 2023)
Report: Low pay Britain 2023 (19 Apr 2023)

Places/Cities and regions

Event: The future of the UK economy (23 Mar 2023)
Event: Turnaround cities (15 May 2023)

The state

Spotlight: Minding the (productivity and income) gaps (3 Feb 2023)
Event: Thinking about tomorrow (30 Mar 2023)
Briefing Note: Cutting the cuts (30 Mar 2023)

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