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CEP Announcement:
Stephen Machin gives flagship British Academy lecture

7 November 2022

Stephen Machin, director of CEP, is due to give a flagship British Academy lecture on wage controversies at the Bristol Ideas Festival of Economics.

Professor Machin will address topics including how does high inflation influence wages? How have technological advances impacted our wage structures – and what are the challenges around this? and as we head into a cost-of-living crisis, how can workers’ living standards be boosted with real wage growth?

About 10 British Academy lectures take place each year, delivered by the most outstanding academics in the UK and beyond. Professor Machin's lecture is part of the Keynes Lectures in Economics series - previous speakers have included Nobel prize winners: Esther Duflo, Christopher Pissarides and Angus Deaton.

The free lecture is on 16 November 2022. It will be followed by a Q&A session chaired by Sarah Smith, professor of economics at the University of Bristol.

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