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CEP Announcement:
Professor Richard Layard named as Clarivate Citation Laureate 2022

22 September 2022

Professor Richard Layard has been honoured for his “pioneering contributions to the economics of happiness and subjective wellbeing” by information company Clarivate.

Professor Lord Layard, co-director of the community wellbeing programme and former director of the Centre for Economic Performance, was named alongside fellow wellbeing researchers Richard Easterlin, university professor emeritus of economics, University of Southern California, and Andrew Oswald, professor of economics and behavioural science, Warwick University.

The Citation Laureate award recognises individuals whose research publications are highly cited within the Web of Science™ database, which is owned by Clarivate.

Of the 396 world-class researchers recognised as citation laureates in the past 20 years, 64 have gone on to receive a Nobel Prize.

Professor Layard said: “Researchers should be thinking in terms of how they can make the world a better place. When they’ve got an insight, they need to be revealing it in a proactive way to people who can implement it – policymakers, leading business figures, leading figures in the educational world, wherever it is.”