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The Economist:
The Power of Creative Destruction makes the The Economist’s best books list

17 December 2021

The Power of Creative Destruction has been chosen by The Economist as one of its best books of 2021.

The book, by Philippe Aghion, Céline Antonin and Simon Bunel, is described by the magazine as "sweeping, authoritative and, for the times, strikingly upbeat".

The Power of Creative Destruction is a cutting-edge analysis of what drives economic growth - and a blueprint for change. It argues for a better form of capitalism, one which harnesses the power of disruptive innovation but that also manages the social disruption left in its wake.

Philippe Aghion is a professor at the Collège de France, INSEAD and the LSE and an associate of CEP. Céline Antonin is a senior researcher at Sciences Po. Simon Bunel is a senior economist at INSEE, the French National Institute of Statistics ad Economic Studies and at the Bank of France.

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