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Economy 2030:
Economy 2030 Inquiry: six months on

19 November 2021

It is six months since the launch of The Economy 2030 inquiry – a two-year project that will examine the scale and impact of economic change that the UK is living through in the 2020s, and set out a plan for successfully navigating it.

Researchers from the Resolution Foundation and CEP are publishing reports and discussing the impact of Covid-19, Brexit and the net-zero transition on the British economy.

Below we help you catch up with what’s going on – and give a taste of what’s up next.

The inquiry is a collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics, funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

As the inquiry continues, this research together with input from citizens’ juries, will inform the development of policy proposals on how to support living standards, ensure decent jobs and increase resilience.

Find out more on the Economy 2030 website.


The launch report - The UK's decisive decade - sets out the scale and nature of the challenges that the 2020s may bring. It makes the case for the impact of these changes to be managed well through a renewed economic strategy.

Watch: The UK's decisive decade launch event


Report: Trading places  - Brexit and the path to longer-term improvements in living standards

Event: Trading places launch event

Event: Pastures new  - is lower migration the route to a new, higher-wage British economy?


Report: Business time - how ready are UK firms for the decisive decade?

Event: Open for business launch event

Event: Gaining from growth - when the economy grows, do wages?

Event: From boom to bust and back again - 200 years of economic change across Britain

Event: A decisive decade for British business - in conversation with Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng

Lived experience

Report: Work experiences - changes in the subjective experience of work

Event: Good Job? How our experience of work has changed over the past 30 years


Report: The carbon crunch - turning targets into delivery

Event: The carbon crunch launch event

Spotlight: Home is where the heat (pump) is


Spotlight: Levelling up and down Britain - how the labour market recovery varies across the country

Coming up

Tuesday 24 November, report and event:

Back to the future - what comes next for the UK's post-pandemic labour market?

December TBC, report and event: Workers' time - how ready are UK employers for the decisive decade?

In the new year, the Economy 2030 Inquiry will continue to publish reports examining issues from migration to fiscal pressures, the welfare state and regional mobility. The Inquiry will also convene a series of lectures from leading economists and policy-makers on the topic of economic change.

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