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LSE News:
New soft skills training in schools improves children’s health and behaviour

18 July 2019

 Is it possible to embed #wellbeing in schools? @howtothrive @bounceforward
Is it possible to embed #wellbeing in schools? @howtothrive @bounceforward

An evaluation by LSE's Centre of Economic Performance found "robust evidence" that the Healthy Minds curriculum improves physical health of participants. The report's authors, Grace Lordan, Associate Professor in Behavioural Science, and Alistair McGuire, Professor of Health Economics, compared the children of 23 school cohorts who had taken part in the trial of Healthy Minds with those of 16 school cohorts which continued with the traditional non-standardised PSHE offerings. The students who received Healthy Minds had one hour of teaching each week over four years alongside the traditional secondary school timetable.

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