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CEP trade week 2019

CEP trade week

Various speakers

Tuesday 04 June 2019 - Friday 07 June 2019

Various Venues

About this event

International trade has become a hot topic for policy in recent years. The global trade war and Brexit represent a sudden shift towards protectionism in the wake of a prolonged period of increasing globalisation. This month, CEP hosts a series of trade-related events that will bring together academic researchers and policy-makers from across the globe.

In June 2019, the Centre for Economic Performance hosted a series of trade-related events.

For more on the week, and CEP's Brexit-related trade work, click here.

For video of the June 4th policy panel, Lost Generations? Globalisation and the left-behinds of tomorrow, click here.

The organisers thank the ERC Starting Grant 760037 for funding.

Tuesday 4 June 2019 - Location: The British Academy

Policy Panel: Lost Generations? Globalisation and the left-behinds of tomorrow

CEP, CEPR and the British Academy host a policy panel, chaired by Dame Minouche Shafik (LSE Director), focusing on globalisation, populism and work.

Panellists: Professor Elhanan Helpman (Harvard University and CEPR) Professor Stephen Machin (Centre for Economic Performance) Marion Jansen (International Trade Centre ITC) Professor Beata Javorcik (University of Oxford and CEPR)

This event is open to invited guests only. More information available at the event's website.

Wednesday 5 June - Friday 7 June - Location: Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics

CEPR ERWIT Conference

ERWIT is an annual workshop that brings together international economists from across Europe and key researchers from outside the region. The workshop disseminates the findings of recent research on international trade, and presentations often involve exploratory rather than finished papers. It provides a unique opportunity to discuss trade-related research in a relaxed atmosphere.

This event is open primarily to CEPR members. Full conference information available on the CEPR website.

Monday 10 June - Location: London School of Economics, Old Theatre

Policy Panel: Lost Generations? Trade, Technology and the Future of Work

CEP and the LSE Department of Economics host a policy panel chaired by Prof. Andres Velasco (Dean of School of Public Policy, LSE) on trade, technology and the future of work.

Panellists: Dr Swati Dhingra (LSE and CEP), Dorothee Rouzet (OECD), Professor Peter Schott (Yale School of Management) Professor John Van Reenen (MIT and LSE).

With innovation slowing down, are workers going to be stuck in precarious low-wage work? The panellists will propose their solutions to this and other issues facing the future of work.

This event is part of the LSE's Public Lecture Programme. It is free to attend and open to all. Places are allocated on the night on a first-come-first-served basis. Information on how to attend can be found on the LSE Events webpage.

CEP has a limited number of reserved seats available for invited guests.

Participants are expected to adhere to the CEP Events Code of Conduct.


This event will take place in Various Venues.