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Wellbeing Seminars

How Loosely Affiliated Organizations Improve or Impair Worker Citizenship: The Importance of Organizational Informing and Worker Identification

Michael Parke (London Business School)

Thursday 07 June 2018 13:00 - 14:00

SAL 2.04, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Sir Arthur Lewis Building, LSE, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PH

About this event

Organizational informing—communications about worker-related issues and decisions—highlights to employees how they collectively matter and make a difference in organizational functioning and thus is often used to motivate citizenship behavior. However, previous research has mostly been conducted in traditional contexts where full-time employees work interdependently and are collocated, environments conducive for developing stronger connections among organizational members. This raises a question as to how informing would work in loosely affiliated organizations where the majority of workers are contracted, work independently, and work remotely. We investigate this question to uncover a key boundary condition of informing’s effects in loosely affiliated organizations: worker community identification. Specifically, we propose that informing has a more negative (positive) effect on workers’ perceived impact and downstream citizenship behaviors (voice and helping) when workers have low (high) identification with the worker community. A randomized field experiment at a US healthcare organization comprised of a national network of affiliated physicians (Study 1) and an online experiment with Amazon Mechanical Turk’s community of workers (Study 2) provided general support for our hypotheses. We conclude with implications for how leaders of loosely affiliated organizations can more effectively enhance worker perceived impact, voice, and helping.

Participants are expected to adhere to the CEP Events Code of Conduct.


This event will take place in SAL 2.04, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Sir Arthur Lewis Building, LSE, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PH.

The building is labelled SAL on the LSE campus map. You can also find us on Google Maps. For further information, go to contact us.

This series is part of the CEP's Community Wellbeing programme.