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The demand for immigration into the UK and the impact of immigration on wages, employment and productivity.

Immigration has been a contentious political issue in the UK. Good-quality evidence on the topic was particularly important around the 2016 Brexit vote to leave the EU, membership of which requires free movement of people. CEP research found that EU immigration had little or no correlation with wage and employment prospects of the UK-born, but had some impact on the prospects of pre-existing immigrants.

CEP researchers are interested in how firms adapt to changing patterns of immigration, and how this affects firms' decisions on wages and the adoption of new technology.

Research is also being carried out into the impact of historical large-scale migration both on the host country and the economy of the country that migrants have left behind.

Immigration Publications

Arun Advani, David Bailey, Ben Brindle, Simon Burgess, Patrick Dunleavy, Sarah Hall, Stephen Hansaker, Christian A. L. Hilber, Donald Houston, Ethan Ilzetzki, Sandra McNally, Henry G. Overman, Jonathan Portes, Huw Roberts, Thomas Sampson, Andy Summers, Madeleine Sumption, Phil Tomlinson, Tony Wilson and Ben Zaranko

31 January 2024

Ghazala Azmat, Brian Bell, Jonathan Colmer, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Swati Dhingra, Christian A. L. Hilber, Stephen Machin, Alan Manning, Ralf Martin, Alistair McGuire, Sandra McNally, Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano, Henry G. Overman, Isabelle Roland, Thomas Sampson, Anna Valero, John Van Reenen, Jonathan Wadsworth, Gill Wyness and Gabriel Zucman

30 April 2015

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