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Claudia Hupkau.

Claudia Hupkau


Expertise: economics of education, labour economics, identity economics, applied economics


Claudia Hupkau is Assistant Professor in Economics at CUNEF, Madrid, and Associate in the Education and Skills Programme at the Centre for Economic Performance.

Current areas of research include:

  • Understanding Further Education in England: This project explores the choice patterns of students reaching compulsory schooling age and identifies the determinants of selection into academic and non-academic further education routes. It analyses the drivers of success in further education, both in terms of student and FE provider and programme characteristics and tries to shed light on the determinants of changing patterns of FE participation in England.
  • The career effects of children: This project provides new evidence on the effect of child bearing on women's careers. Using time-to-conception as an instrument for fertility to investigate how having more than one child affects labour market outcomes.
  • School autonomy and student outcomes: This project (joint with Andrew Eyles and Steve Machin) explores the medium term effects of attending a more autonomous school on university attendance and graduation. Using the academy school reform implemented in England throughout the 2000's to identify the causal impact of attending an academy school and find that it increases both the likelihood to attend college and to graduate.