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Exploring what policies and factors are important for raising educational attainment within schools.

Education is one of the biggest areas of government spending. Economists at the CEP have long been involved in evaluating which policies are most effective at improving pupil outcomes in schools. Work has included research into the academies programme (which aims to increase school autonomy), the use of synthetic phonics to teach reading, teacher pay reforms and high-stakes testing.

CEP research on schools also feeds into work in other areas of interest such as the wages, employment and productivity. How does someone's education affect their future earnings? How do education levels correspond to where people find work? And how does this affect the economic success of an area?

Schools Publications

Francis Green, Stephen Machin, Richard Murphy and Yu Zhu

January 2008

Stephen Gibbons, Stephen Gibbons, Stephen Machin and Olmo Silva

January 2006

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