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Research into the causes, consequences and prevention of crime including how crime is affected by changes in policing, education, unemployment, the welfare system and immigration.

The causes and consequences of crime and the effect of crime-control measures are key areas of interest for CEP.

Research explains how changes in education, employment, welfare, immigration and housing can, and do, affect rates of certain crimes.

Recessions, for example, increase youth unemployment rates. For young people with low expectations of finding a job, this may lead to an initial involvement with crime and the criminal justice system, a criminal record can then reduce future job opportunities leading to the creation of "career criminals".

Published research looks at the effect of benefit sanctions, hate crime and the illegal drug market on the dark web. And ongoing research includes looking at preventing domestic abuse, the role of gangs in violent crime and money laundering.

CEP research also looks into policing and how best to prioritise resources to prevent and detect crime.

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