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Dr Anna Valero

Dr Anna Valero

ESRC Innovation Fellow

Expertise: productivity and innovation, firm organisation


Anna is ESRC Innovation Fellow at the CEP. Her research is focused on the drivers of productivity and innovation, and in particular the role of skills and universities in explaining differences in economic performance between firms and regions. Anna has also been working on UK productivity and industrial strategy more broadly, and in 2017 was a research director for the LSE Growth Commission. Anna received her PhD in economics at the LSE in 2018. Previously, she was a manager at Deloitte’s Economic Consulting practice.

Dr Anna Valero's current areas of research are:

  • Skill biased management, evidence from manufacturing firms: Management quality varies widely within countries, regions and industries. Using the World Management Survey on manufacturing plants, this research (with Andy Feng) explores variation in workforce skills as a driver of differences in management practices.
  • The economic impact of universities: How do universities affect the productivity of their surrounding regions and firms? This project studies how university growth impacts on local industry composition and productivity in the UK using panel data on firms and nearby university enrolments over the period 1997-2016.
  • UK Industrial Strategy: This broad project follows on from our Industrial Strategy chapter in the LSE Growth Commission's 2017 report. Working together with CEP colleagues we seek to gain a better understanding of the UK's sectoral and regional industrial structure, the effectiveness of different types of policy lever, and priority areas for industrial strategy that seeks to move the UK onto a sustainable and inclusive growth path.