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McKinsey & Co. and The Centre for Economic Performance present:

Management in Healthcare: Why Good Practice Really Matters

Management in Healthcare

Nicolaus Henke,
Global Head of McKinseys Health Care Practice (Nicolaus_Henke@mckinsey.com)

Stephen Dorgan,
Partner, McKinsey & Company (Stephen_Dorgan@mckinsey.com)

John Van Reenen,
Director, Centre for Economic Performance (j.vanreenen@lse.ac.uk)

Dennis Layton,
Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company (Dennis_Layton@mckinsey.com)

Rebecca Homkes,
Project Director, Centre for Economic Performance (r.l.homkes@lse.ac.uk)

Authors of Report
Nicholas Bloom, Stanford University
Rebecca Homkes, Centre for Economic Performance
Raffaella Sadun, Harvard Business School
John Van Reenen, Centre for Economic Performance
Stephen Dorgan, McKinsey & Company
Dennis Layton, McKinsey & Company

Time and Venue: Tuesday 26 October 2010, 6.00pm, at The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, One Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ
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For more on the Benchmarking Tool for Healthcare, see http://worldmanagementsurvey.org/?page_id=1848

For more work on management in healthcare, see http://cep.lse.ac.uk/_new/research/productivity/management.asp#WiP3
This seminar will present the findings of the latest phase of the joint McKinsey/LSE research into comparative management practices in healthcare. Covering over 1100 hospitals in seven countries (UK, US, Canada, Italy, Sweden, France, Germany), this work will show:

  • Hospital-specific management practices are strongly related to health outcomes, such as mortality rates and quality of care

  • There is a strong relationship between national and regional policies and the effectiveness of management practices. Specifically, labour market rigidity, perceived levels of competition, hospital size and ownership type are all important considerations

  • However, the widest variance is within countries as opposed to between countries. At the hospital level there is a particularly strong relationship between management scores and the prevalence of managers with clinical degrees or training

  • This event will review the implications of these findings for policymakers, Academic Health Science Centres, hospitals, investors and patients