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Shqiponja TELHAJ
Associate -  Education and Skills
Room: 32L 2.05 D
Tel: 020 7955 7010
Email: s.telhaj@lse.ac.uk
University of Sussex
Tel: (01273) 873359
Email: S.Telhaj@sussex.ac.uk
Expertise: Economics of Education, Labour Markets, Applied Microeconomics
Shqiponja Telhaj is a Research Associate at the CEP, London School of Economics. She joined the CEP in 2004 as a research assistant,and since then has been working on research projects focusing on peer effects; segregation; university quality and labour market outcomes; migrants and natives academic attainment. More recent research interests include: the impact of the privatisation of state-owned enterprises on productivity in India; teacher tenure and student performance; religion and productivty

Selected Publications:
  • Peer Effects and Pupil Attainment: Evidence from Secondary School Transition, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (forthcoming) (with Steve Gibbons)
  • Non-native speakers of English in the classroom: what are the effects on pupil performance? 2013, Economic Journal, pp:F281-F307,08 ISSN 00130133, (with Sandra McNally and Charlotte Geay)
  • Pupil Mobility and School Disruption, Journal of Public Economics, 2011,95(9-10). pp: 1156-1167. ISSN 0047-2727, (with Steve Gibbons)

  • PhD in Economics
  • MA in Economics (Distinction)
  • BSc in Economics (1st Class Hons)
Affiliations/Professional activities with other institutions:
  • Department of Economics, University of Sussex - Assistant Professor
  • Centre for the Economics of Education, London School of Economics - Research Associate