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Director - CEP,  Associate -  Growth
Room: External
Email: vanreenen@MIT.edu
Tel: +1 617 253 2932
Expertise: Innovation, productivity, Industrial organisation, labour economics, public policy, competition policy
Full Professor in the Department of Economics, London School of Economics.

Director Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics.

Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Economics (associate editor since 1996, editorial board since 1999).

Other Recent Positions:

I have extensive experience working as an economist for various private and public sector organisations including:
  1. Professor, Department of Economics, University College London (1994-2003)
  2. Senior Policy Analyst in the Strategy Unit at the Department of Health (2000-01), reporting directly to the Secretary of State
  3. Visiting Professor, Department of Economics University of California at Berkeley, January 1998-January 1999
  4. Policy advisor to No.10 Downing Street, 1999-2000, education, enterprise and tax.
  5. Research Fellow in the Corporate Sector, Institute for Fiscal Studies (September 1992-February 1999). Founded the productivity and innovation program at IFS
  6. Editorial Board - Economic Policy (2000-2003), European Economic Review (1999-2003), The Review of Economic Studies (1997-2003)
  7. Partner, Lexecon Ltd 2001-2002
CV and full list of papers available in Adobe PDF format here PDF

New Research:

Measuring and Explaining Management Practices across firms and nations
John Van Reenen (with Nick Bloom), Forthcoming, Quarterly Journal of Economics
See also the CEP's Policy Analyses
Objective, brief and non-technical, CEP Policy Analyses aim to provide background briefings to key policy issues raised in the news.

Selected Publications:

"Technology, Information and the Decentralization of the Firm" (with Daron Acemoglu, Philippe Aghion, Claire Lelarge and Fabrizzio Zilibotti, Forthcoming, Quarterly Journal of Economics

"How special is the relationship: Using the impact of US R&D spillovers on British firms as a test of technology sourcing " (with Rupert Harrison and Rachel Griffith) American Economic Review (December 2006) 96(5), 1859-1875

"Uncertainty and Company Investment Dynamics: Empirical Evidence for UK firms" (with N. Bloom and S. Bond) Review of Economic Studies (2007) 74, 391-415 "

"Management Practices, Work-Life Balance and Productivity: A Review of Recent Evidence" (with Nick Bloom), Oxford Review of Economic Policy 22(4), 2006

"The Impact of Training on Productivity and Wages: Evidence from British Panel Data" (with Howard Reed and Lorraine Dearden) CEP Discussion Paper No. 674. Oxford Bulletin of Economic and Social Research (2006), 68, 4, 397-421.

"The internationalisation of public welfare policy" (with James Banks, Richard Disney and Alan Duncan) Economic Journal (2005)
115(502) 62-81

"Evaluating the Employment Impact of mandatory a job search assistance programme" (with R. Blundell, M. Costa Dias and C. Meghir) Journal of the European Economics Association (2004) 2(4) 569-606.

"Mapping the Two Faces of R&D: Productivity Growth in a panel of OECD industries" (with Rachel Griffith and Stephen Redding) Review of Economics and Statistics, (2004) 86(4) 883-895.

"Skill biased organisational change? Evidence from British and French establishments" (with Eve Caroli) Quarterly Journal of Economics (2001) CXVI, No. 4, 1449-1492

"Market share, market value and Innovation: Evidence from British Manufacturing Firms" (with Richard Blundell and Rachel Griffith). Review of Economic Studies (July 1999) 66(3), 228, 529-554

"Technology and changes in the skill structure: Evidence from seven OECD countries" (with Stephen Machin). Quarterly Journal of Economics (November 1998) CXI, 113, 1215-44

"The Creation and Capture of Economic Rents: Wages and Innovation in a Panel of UK Companies" Quarterly Journal of Economics (February 1996) CXI, 443, 195-226


Selected Working Papers:


See full list, with links to downloadable papers.


  • 1990-92 University College London PhD
  • 1988-89 London School of Economics MSc (Distinction with Prize)
  • 1986-88 Queens College, University of Cambridge BA (First Class, Joshua King prize, College prize and Subject prizes)
Affiliations/Professional activities with other institutions: