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[photo: broadcast] The CEP is continuing work on a project to present interviews with centre researchers and distinguished visitors, online - and also make available recordings of CEP hosted events.

To listen to the interviews you will need either RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or a MP3 player, such as iTunes

  • Professor David Laibson
    The Psychology of Saving and Investment
    (19-21 Nov 2007)
    The 2007 Lionel Robbins lectures were recorded on 19, 20 and 21 Nov 2007 in the Old Theatre at LSE

    Over three lectures, David Laibson will challenge many standard assumptions in economics and show how a combination of psychology and economics can better predict behaviour. David Laibson is professor of economics at Harvard University.

    • Lecture I: Intertemporal Choice (19 Nov 2007)

    • Lecture II: Investment for Dummies (20 Nov 2007)

    • Lecture III: Sticky Biases and the Curse of Education (21 Nov 2007)

  • Professor Paul Krugman Globilisation and Welfare (14 Jun 2007)
    Chair: Professor John Van Reenen
    This event was recorded on 14 Jun 2007 in the Old Theatre at LSE
    Progressive free-traders - people who believe both in domestic equity and in the promise of globalisation - are feeling chastened these days. What's left of the case for globalisation? How can we make it work?