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Staff Biography

Occasional Research Assistant - Community
Email: D.E.battiston@lse.ac.uk
Room/Desk: 32L 2.03 I  

Expertise: labour economics, migration, education, inequality, poverty


Diego is a PhD student at the LSE Department of Economics and Occasional Research Assistant in the Communities Programme at CEP. Much of his current work is focused on the impact of immigration on labour markets. Other areas of his research include the impact of education on earnings inequality and the measurement of multidimensional poverty. At CEP he participates in a research project about immigration and the market for social housing in the UK.

Current Areas of Research:

Immigration and firms' technology choice. Evidence from the steam engine adoption 1850-1880

Trade diversion effects of the Panama Canal (with Felipe Valencia and Federico Rossi)

Impact of immigration on labour market. Evidence from 20 years of cross-border migration to Argentina


  • PhD in Economics, London School of Economics, expected 2017
  • MRes in Economics, London School of Economics (2013)
  • M.A. in Economics, Universidad Nacional de La Plata (2010)
  • B.A. Economics, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (2006)

Selected Publications:

  • “Could an increase in education raise income inequality? Evidence from Latin America” with L. Gasparini and C. García-Domench. Latin American Journal of Economics. Vol. 51 No. 1 (MAY, 2014), 1–39. ISSN: 2198-3526

  • “Income and Beyond: Multidimensional Poverty in Six Latin American Countries” with G. Cruces, L.F. Lopez-Calva, M.A. Lugo and M.E. Santos. Social Indicators Research, 1-24. ISSN:0303-8300 (2013)

  • "Refining the Basic Needs Approach: A multidimensional analysis of poverty in Latin America" with M. E. Santos, M. A. Lugo, L. F. López Calva and G. Cruces. Research on Economic Inequality. vol. 18 p.1-29 ISSN 1049-2585. (2010)

CEP Publications: