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Staff Biography

[Photo: Andrew CLARK] Dr Andrew CLARK
Professorial Research Fellow - Labour Markets, Wellbeing
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 13 63 29
Email: andrew.clark@ens.fr

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Expertise: Labour Economics, Economics of Happiness, Health Economics


Born in London, UK. PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics in 1989. I have since held posts at Dartmouth College, the University of Essex, CEPREMAP, DELTA, the OECD and the University of Orléans. I am currently CNRS Research Professor at PSE in Paris, France, and Research Fellow at the IZA (Bonn). My work has largely focused on the interface between psychology, sociology and economics; in particular, I have used job and life satisfaction scores, and other psychological indices, as proxy measures of utility. One research field has been that of relative utility or comparisons (to others like you, to others in the same household, and to yourself in the past). I also use direct measures of utility to analyse unemployment, quits, efficiency wages, and labor market rents.Recent work has involved looking at the relationship between individual well-being and income inequality, and collaboration with psychologists to map out habituation to life events.


  • BA, University of Warwick, 1985.
  • MSc, London School of Economics, 1986
  • PhD, London School of Economics, 1989

Affiliations/Professional activities with other institutions:

  • PSE, Paris - CNRS Research Professor
  • IZA, Bonn - Research Fellow

Selected Publications:

  • "Heterogeneity in Reported WellBeing: Evidence From Twelve European Countries", (with Fabrice Etilé, Fabien Postel-Vinay, Claudia Senik, and Karine Van der Straeten), Economic Journal, (March 2005), Vol.115, pp.C118-C132.

  • "It wasn't me, It was them! A Study of Social Influence in Risky Behaviour by Adolescents", (with Youenn Lohéac), Journal of Health Economics, (July 2007), Vol.26, pp.763-784.

  • 37. “Relative Income, Happiness and Utility: An Explanation for the Easterlin Paradox and Other Puzzles” (with Paul Frijters and Michael Shields), Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming

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