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CEP People

CEP Alumni

[photo: Boehm]
Michael Boehm
Michael Boehm is an assistant professor at the University of Bonn and an alumni of the CEP's Labour Markets Programme
Email: mboehm1@uni-bonn.de
[photo: Boone]
Peter Boone
Peter Boone is the Chair of Effective Intervention. From 1993-1997 he was a lecturer at the London School of Economics.
Email: admin@effint.org
[photo: Breda]
Thomas Breda
Associate Professor at Paris School of Economics and full-time junior researcher at CNRS.
Email: thomas.breda@ens.fr
[photo: Bryson]
Alex Bryson
Alex is Head of the Employment Group at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).
Email: a.bryson@niesr.ac.uk
[photo: Criscuolo]
Chiara Criscuolo
Chiara Criscuolo is senior economist in the Structural Policy division of the Science Technology and Industry Directorate at the OECD.
Email: chiara.criscuolo@oecd.org
[photo: De Paoli]
Bianca de Paoli
Bianca De Paoli joined the International Research function at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in February 2012. 
Email: bianca.depaoli@ny.frb.org
[photo: Faber]
Benjamin Faber
Ben is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at UC Berkeley.
Email: benfaber@econ.berkeley.edu
[photo: FonsRosen]
Christian Fons Rosen
Christian has a tenure-track position at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and his research focuses on the economics of innovation and on political economy.
Email: christian.fons-rosen@upf.edu
[photo: Glocker]
Daniela Glocker
Daniela is a researcher at the OECD
Email: daniela.glocker@oecd.org

[photo: Holmlund]
Helena Holmlund
Helena Holmlund received her PhD at the Institute for Social Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University, and is currently a researcher at IFAU.
Email: Helena.holmlund@ifau.uu.se
[photo: Homkes]
Rebecca Homkes
Rebecca is a Director at the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre and Fellow at the LBS Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.
Email: Rebecca.Homkes@ashridge.org.uk
[photo: Masella]
Paolo Masella
Paolo is a Reader in Economics at University of Sussex. His research focuses on Economics & Culture, Political Economy and Labour Economics.
Email: pm295@sussex.ac.uk
[photo: Ortega]
Javier Ortega
Javier is the Head of Economics at City University. His main areas of research are Labour Economics, the Economics of Language, and Political Economy.
Email: javier.ortega.1@city.ac.uk
[photo: Polat]
Beyza Polat
Beyza is a Faculty Member at Ozyegin University
Email: beyza.polat@ozyegin.edu.tr

[photo: Seiler]
Stephan Seiler
Stephan is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Stanford GSB. His research studies consumer behavior in various markets.
Email: sseiler@stanford.edu
[photo: Viarengo]
Martina Viarengo
Martina Viarengo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies of Geneva
Email: martina.viarengo@graduateinstitute.ch